Meet the first kid lid in the Fry Baby collection! One of the most curious creatures in the bush, the frill neck lizard uses its frills when it's in a bit of a pickle to come off as a tough guy. Despite often seen sunbaking, this little one can clock up speeds of 25km/h when it wants to get a tasty meal or chase an annoying human away.


Stephanie created this character originally as an ode to a Grinspoon album, but gave this fine lookin' fella a (fry) baby friendly makeover, and tbh we think this lemon corduroy lid will make your stylin' child a hard act to follow. 


NB: The hat has an adjustable snapback feature so it'll fit kids from roughly ages 2-10 (depending on the size of the noggin). Even some XS headed adults have made them fit.


Free shipping to all of Aus.

Frills & Spills by Emu Creek Art Co